Indian Air - Rare Moments - Behind the Scenes

  • "Indian Air" is based in Austria/Europe mixing Indian Music with Jazz and elements of Rock/Pop.
  • Line up:
    Klaus Falschlunger (sitar)
    Tobias Steinberger (framedrums/percussion)
    Clemens Rofner (doublebass,bassukulele)
  • Video by Max Raggl, Sound by Christian Larese
  • New CD "Rare Moments" - listen to the CD


Klaus Falschlunger and IndianAir at the OE1 Jazznight



  • An unique fusion of far-east-inspired compositions, sitar, vocals and powerful beats.
  • Line up:
    Klaus Falschlunger (sitar)
    Heidi Erler (voc, keys)
    Christian Unsinn (drums, fx, keys)

„Ganesh House“ 

„Norwegian Wood – Beatles Cover“ 


Sitar Diaries - Klaus Falschlunger NEW CD OUT NOW

Klaus Falschlunger - Sitar Diaries - Incredible world + Remix by Jørn-Arild Grefsrud


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Noah´s First Breath - Indian Air


City Hymn - Indian Air